✦ Patron (1 Year)

79.99 GBP



Patron Name Colour

Get More Rewards When Voting (3x)

Backpack Size 3 (3x9 slots)

Access to Private Patron Channel

Trash your junk items with /trash

Colour and format codes on signs

Re-lore Items

Add and Remove Lore lines

Copy and Paste Name and Lore Lines

Sit on any block

Lie down anywhere with /lay

Particle Effects: Lava, End Rod.

Particle Effect Styles: Pulse, Rings, Overhead


/trash Open a disposal GUI

/addlore <lore> Add a line of lore

/relore <lore> Re-Lore held item

/patronchat Enter the Patron-only chat channel

/sit Sit wherever you please, not just on stairs

/lay Feeling tired? Take a nap wherever you may be!